Dr. Ida Rolf

invented, established and taught her ten-session program of structural integration at the First guild

Peter Melchoir and Emmett Hutchins

Founders of the second Guild for Structural Integration and Teachers

Peter Melchoir and Emmett Hutchins were Founders of the Guild for Structural Integration: A school dedicated to teaching the Traditional & Fundamental principles of Dr. Rolf's work.

Both Peter and Emmett began studying with Dr. Ida Rolf in 1965. Dr. Rolf selected Peter and Emmett as the first two teachers to follow in her footsteps in Structural Integration in 1971. Since that time, both have been integral in developing and teaching her work.

•"Structural Integration is about the whole person . . . the sensation of moving from weakness into strength, the exhilaration of owning a new part of oneself, the immediate and simultaneous re-education of one's being and action with the joy of self-empowerment, waking up. These are the experiences of Structural Integration." Emmett Hutchins

•"I believe that it is the creative use of imagination that separates "cook from chef," to use Ida P. Rolf's old metaphor. The ability to send one's shaped intention moving ahead of the ends of the fingers, fist, elbow, etc. to make contact with the living breathing presence at the core of that person, and to ride the wave of the breath through the body, is a major ingredient in any artistic presentation of Structural Integration." Peter Melchoir


Naomi baat-Canaan

Board Certified Practitioner


Naomi baat-Canaan has been a Board-Certified Practitioner of Structural Integration for twenty-five years. She attended both the Guild for Structural Integration and the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

•Entrance requirements for training: four years of college and 1250 hours performing bodywork.

•Education for Board Certification: One year of biology, physiology, kinesiology plus two years of Structural Integration training.

•Trained under Dr. Rolf’s primary teachers, Emmett Hutchins and Peter Melchoir