Does Rolfing hurt?

Most people come to Rolfing already in great pain. It is the job of the Practitioner to aleviate this pain not to cause more. I have found that amazing results can be achieved through Rolfing without causing either children nor adults excruciating pain. Furthermore, no child would let me work on them if it were painful.


What does Structural Integration do?

Basically, Structural Integration organizes your body to its maximum efficiency.


Who developed the Modality called Structural Integration?

Structural Integration was developed by Dr. Ida Rolf who discovered that the properties of connective tissue in the human body (fascia) is similar to the properties of water. Through the application of pressure, both connective tissue and water can change their organization.


What is Fascia?

Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, muscle spindle, tendon and bone. Fascia gives our muscles and our bodies their shape, flexibility, resiliency and can, in time or by accident,  become misaligned, compressed, rotated: thus, causing a good deal of pain. Structural Integration addresses these issues and restores the body’s integrity.


What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is another name for Structural Integration.



Dr. Ida Rolf’s method is based on a ten-session series. Each session is approximately forty-five minutes to an hour long. You can choose to have just one session - or commit to the first three session series - or commit to the ten-session series.


What to expect?

At your first session (which can be as long as an hour and fifteen minutes) the Practitioner will go over the health history information you will have filled out at home and that you will bring with you to your first session. The Practitioner will evaluate and observe your body in motion and discuss your goals after which follows the First Session of the Ten Session Series.
The Practitioner may take pictures that will be for you alone to be aware of your starting point alignment and to track the progress at the end of the Ten Series.
Any discomfort associated with any part of the sessions is directly associated with the discomfort or pain already being experienced by the client before starting the first session. At any time during a session that a client feels it’s too intense the Practitioner backs off immediately.


Does Structural Integration last?

Yes. In many cases for decades.
At some point a client may have an event, that has taxed or damaged their body, after which they feel they need a single session to help them over that event.
Can children be Rolfed?
Yes. Every child can benefit from being rolfed.