Structural Integration


For 48 hours after each session:

No Mountain Climbing

No Cross Country Sking

No Marathons

No Weight Lifting

No Long Runs

No Heavy Exertion


Gym machinery is geared towards the contracted body (muscles used for contracting the body)

Structural Integration lets you use your Extensor Muscles for Extending and Contracting Muscles

Gym work as it is presently practiced, is for contracted bodies.

For tone and real strength and proper use of your body (thus using less energy just to keep moving) a toned Extenstion Balanced Body is desired.

Therefore, for the duration fo the 10 series, or for the duration of the post ten/advanced series, you will have to make a commitment to only do mild walking, swimming and short mild gym exercises for 48 hours after each session, so as to let your body have the necessary time it needs to integrate the new information being received. This way you will get the most value out of the series.

Professional Athletes, please inquire how to incorporate Structural Integration into your scheldule.

Imagine that you are coming out of each session with a new body form which at that moment is made out of wet clay, or wet cement. Imagine the sculpture, the vase, the foundation still in its form. they need time to dry and set, so, in effect, does your body. you need at least 48 hours to let the clay set in order to hold the new information you have just received.

be Cautioned:

Because you feel terrific,

even better than you have ever felt before,


that "No Fear"is the game plan!

Take it EASY,